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Information on how to build GrADS 2. The links for individual operating systems contain only a suite of pre-compiled executables. Please look at the Change Log for lists of new features, bug fixes, and miscellaneous changes associated with each release.

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None of these builds are guaranteed to work on modern systems. Beginning with GrADS version 2. External utilities are packaged in the binary distributions for all versions of GrADS with exceptions as noted :.

The MS windows versions are packaged with an install script. For the UNIX versions, you must uncompress and unpack the tar file after you've downloaded it:. If you do not have write permission for this directory, you can put them in a subdirectory of your home directory e. The font and map files are supplementary data sets that are required in order to run GrADS.

If you do not have write permission for this directory you can place the files elsewhere, but you must also change the environment variable GADDIR so the GrADS executables will know where to find these files. You can download the data files separately by clicking here: data2.

This data set is not required to run GraDS. If you have not used GrADS before, you are strongly encouraged to obtain this file and go through the sample session. For sailing purposes, particularly cruising, my experience of over 50, miles sailing is that the US GFS is unlikely to be bettered overall. Using a laptop computer, these viewers, especially the first two will meet your needs.

Using a tablet or smartphone, the range is wider.


See my GRIB apps page. GRIB files usually have the extension.

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There have been few changes; it is basic, easy to use with crude topography and no frills. For details, send a blank email to info saildocs.

Choose the presentation, colours etc to meet your personal likes Intended for use with the totally free zyGrib but it will read both. It is a good viewer for displaying high resolution data. The zyGrib replacement. There are PC and Linux versions Many data options.

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Choose the presentation, colours etc to meet your personal likes. Initially for use with the totally free XyGrib but it will read both. An easy to use viewer from Theyr. Only works with. The MaxSea viewer is another simple viewer with few frills. There can be problems in getting a key.

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Start from Zilt, the Dutch Online Magazine Site and be careful to follow the instructions in their guide. This is the viewer developed by Predictwind for their offshore app.

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  • This is provided free to advertise their wide-ranging weather and weather routing apps. It can be used to view GRIB data from other sources such as the Meteoconsut high resolution forecasts. Other viewers are available to buy but I see no reason to do so. Most viewers have the facility to let you read the actual forecast speed.