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Run the Origin reset tool — https: So I have done this and it is still convinced the actual game is installed not the expansion packs and so it will download expansion packs but it will remain unplayable. How to properly uninstall Sims 3. Now what if I only want to manually uninstall only one expansion pack, if I delete those red folders is that going to affect the other expansion packs?

I followed these instructions to uninstall World Adventures and now when I try to launch my game I get a error message that says failed to create symlink. I used this tutorial to delete some expansion packs and now my game will not launch. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Using the Uninstaller Always try and uninstall using the uninstaller first. Select whichever one you want to uninstall and click Continue.

You will then be prompted by OS X to enter your password. Your Mac user account must be an administration account to authorise this: Enter your details and click Ok. Now you must delete the residual file that the uninstaller has left behind.

Make sure you are in Finder and click Go in the menu bar. Rate this: Share this: Like this: Like Loading You need to see my latest blog post for a fix for the Unknown Error message Like Like. How to properly uninstall Sims 3 Like Like. The message about the expansion "being more recent" is very common when installing expansions for this game and it is not Mac-specific.

Using the Uninstaller

If you think about it - if you were to freshly install the base game now, in , a base game which was released several years ago, then patch to the most recent patch 1. Say you then install World Adventures, which is also many years old now. The code for WA is older than the latest patch by many years, so you get a message about incompatibility. However in the majority of cases you can go ahead and install the game without any problems.

I and many others have done this numerous times.

You can see more about this here: So the answer to your question about what specifically to do to "fix" this is - ignore, click through and go ahead with your installation. You can rule out some of these problems by doing a clean uninstallation, then patch, then start adding expansions. I have pasted a guide on this below. I note that you initially uninstalled the game because of freezing.

There are various reasons that the game might freeze on a Mac so I've added some further information about that. My game used to freeze a lot as well, but since purging the RAM regularly I can now play for many hours with no issues at all. Finally, the website for The Sims provides the latest patches.

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The Sims™ 3 Late Night Expansion Pack for PC/Mac | Origin

Unless you are able to find an earlier patch version from a reputable source, it will be difficult to apply a lower patch. Unless of course you have a backup of your system from before you started having problems with the game. Clean uninstall and reinstall When you uninstall TS3 games on your Mac using the uninstaller, the game leaves behind stray files and isn't completely removed from your computer. Be sure to choose the right file - there are various 'regional' files for disc-users and one designated region 7 for Origin-users.

Further information on the cumulative manual superpatch Many simmers find that patching their game via the Game Updates tab of the Launcher does not work properly. It is then better to download and apply the manual superpatch. It is important to download the Mac version rather than the PC version, and to pick the right one for your region. Be aware that if you are using a disc you need to choose the correct 'regional' file but if you are using digital download through Origin then you should use the file designated 'region 7'.

Instructions and the links to the downloads can be found in the Mac section of the forums at thesims. If you use any mods or custom content, be sure to remove them before patching.


Using Origin to install games on Mac Download and install the Origin client for Mac and make sure it is up-to-date. If you already have Origin on your Mac but are having problems with downloading or installing games, delete the client and download a new copy this sometimes fixes issues with downloading. If so, disable these, as they might be deleting files that Origin needs.

A fast, stable internet connection will also help you. Tips for Mac simmers Unfortunately a lot of TS3 players encounter problems when playing the game on their Mac. These can include crashing and freezing. A lot of these issues can be avoided or at least improved by the following measures. Firstly, manually reset your RAM while playing. See BluebellFlora's guide on how to do this: Close down other things that are running in the background. The memory used as seen in Activity Monitor is at about 3GB after the restart. At this point I reset the RAM.

Re: Unable to install Sims 3 Late Night Expansion pack

Then I hit play and get through the opening sequence. I then press cmd-return to put the game in windowed mode from time to time while playing and always before saving or using CAS. That way I can keep an eye on the memory and reset RAM if necessary. Being in windowed mode also allows you to close the game using force quit if it freezes up - it's better to crash the game than your whole computer. Second tip is to save frequently. I save at least once per sim day. Make sure you are patched up to date. The 1. The current patch is 1.

The game runs better if you switch off the memories system and disable the in-game Store and social features. For general advice, information and tips on how to play TS3 on a Mac, read BluebellFlora's guide here: December I had this issue to. The problem isn't the base game, it's the late night expansion pack.

You don't install that particular pack you have no problems. I was able to install worlds and generations, but any time I had an issue it was with the late night expansion packs.

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