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Add a word-count tool to TextEdit

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Show word, character, and paragraph count

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Apple Byte Crunch. Word Counter 2. Counts words entered into a text field. Overview Word Counter is an application that performs a word count and a character count, but it can do much more.

Version 2. Join over , subscribers. Word Counter Screenshots. Rate this app:. Post review.

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  • Show word count and other document statistics.
  • Word-count for TextEdit;

Most helpful. Like 3. On El Capitan it works only with txt and rtf.

Formats doc, docx, odt, fodt and even pdf are not recognized, and the software says that I need at least Mac OS X Maybe there's an error reading the correct OS version number, i. Only the developer can, and the app seems to be abandoned. Furthermore, it's bit, i. This app give an extensive report about the number of words. Doesn't PopClip do this exact same thing; as one of its many downloadable options?


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PopClip with its annoyingly aggressive pop-in window which partially obstructs the text you're working on will give you a word count. Word Counter, working in your choice of text editors, will give you word count with an auto update, as well as word frequency, readability stats, and preferences to ignore certain words or words of a set length , to count hyphenated words as one or two words, to exclude a list of chosen words, to give character count with or without spaces.

Not, I think, the "exact same thing. Like 2. Actually still works a treat word and character counts in OS Happy days. Like 1.

Word Counter

What a great app! And, for free. Please frequent the developers web site and get a screen saver. Or, donate.