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Ok, I have updated the tool for the latest termsrv. Please try this version of the patcher and report back as I have been unable to test it properly. Use this tool at your own risk…. I have a 5 session to one PC with Windwos 7 Pro. Used an earlier rdp patcer and everything works fin. After this year updates in widows 7 i musz use a new rdp patcher. Multiple session is back, but on PC, whith i have connectet, at least, 5 session via rdp, i see tle last logget user desktop. For examle: 3 users : Admin, X1, X2.

Admin is localy logged on PC , and i see an Admin desktop. You may have to re-start your pc. Dear Hal! Please fix the patch we did not have unfortuna telly restore points and can not revert the changes. Now we are sitting duck and can not work.

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Please let us know it you are fixed it. Thank you sir. Ran into the same problem and backing out kb worked for me. Hoping someone will come up with a revised patch for this so further updates can be allowed.

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Because there is an updated termsrv. I second, package kb was causing the issue on my Windows 7 x64, once rolled back the dll revert to the patched version. We just got the latest windows update that happened yesterday and the Concurrent RDP patcher is now working now.

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An update around Sept broke this again sadly, been an avid user. Yes, confirm. I have 60 computers running Win7 in my facility and rely on concurrent sessions heavily. I have had to disable these three updates on all. I hope this helps: kb kb kb — rolled this one back yesterday. Last time this happened in I was lucky enough to find out online what bytes needed to be patched, so could update the program. Thanks, may I ask where you got that information from? There appears to be only about 2 bytes difference from the old dll and I need to check this out before trying to update the patcher….

Could log in with two users remotely and one user locally being member of the Remote Desktop Users group. Kaspersky endpoint security seems to block this. Any idea how to allow in the rules of the firewall for concurrent connections? It works fine without Kaspersky enabled.

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It worked for me for years, using xfreerdp package freerdp from Linux to Windows Home. But since yesterday when I ran Windows Update for the first time in 3 months, I get these errors:. Hi yesterday I have done fresh installation Windows 7 home premium SP1 and fully updated and the patch not is working for me. I tried patch-unpatch a lot of times but remote desktop open and looks is goingo to work but close ver fast without errors. Latest version works great on updated Windows 7 Professional!

Make sure you are using the version on the very bottom of the post! Not working on latest updated version of Home Premium x64 — termsrv. In the freaking middle of the night. Still 2hours to make this freaking server with 25 employees work. Stressed out. The entire company would be on production hold. What could I do??! Found this site……. Man If I ever knew who had this solution patch? I would personally send them a beer!! Worked perfectly first time.

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I am running Windows 7 Home Premium. Home Premium is not capable of RDP out of the box — that is why it is not working. That will finish it up for you. Pls it would be so helpfull. Downloaded this today and can confirm that it is still working on windows 7 professional. Double click to run and enabled multiple logins per user, clicked patch and it kicked me off while it replaced the file.

Waited 2 minutes then hopped back in and tested multiple concurrent sessions. As BrankoH said, any chance the desktops can mirror one another? I can connect and fully remote in from my android tablet but only to the main user. I have a total of three users and when i try to remote into to ano other users it just keeps re-asking me for the password as if I had typed in the wrong passwords. I tried to make two users to be administrators with passwords and it still only allows remoting to the first user that was originally the administrator.

It works super good but only for one user in the desktop. Awesome solution….. Says that Windows 7 Enterprise is not supported. The patcher program is showing everything grayed out.

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I ran it on a different Windows 7 Professional machine and it worked fine. Will this work on Windows 7 Pro and Windows 10 Pro versions? What would happen if Microsoft decides to patch the file again. Will it cause system instability? Should we backup the original termsrv file first before installing?

Where is the file located? If Microsoft patches termsrv. If that happens we would need to update the tool again to patch the newer dll. If it does happen, is there place where we can download the newer patcher or do we just go back to this site? I cannot see remote desktop options in system preferences.

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Hello there, thanks for the article, but i have a question, does this patch enables multimonitor on host? I ask that because my host has win7 pro, and by default that OS version does not support multimonitor. I still do not see Remote Desktop options, only Remote Assistance. What gives? I installed the patch on both my computer and the one I want to remote into. Both are running Win 7 Home Premium. When I attempt to connect, it pops up the user and password input. I know it is the correct username and password.

Any thoughts?

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You need to make sure the local user account for the machine you want to connect to is a member of the remote users group. Click on Users, then find your account. The login name should be the first thing listed on the left. Then, go back, go to groups, and go to Remote Users group.

Add your login account there if it is not already present. After the software has been installed, there will be an item added to your System Preferences pane.