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When compared with some of the other mind mapping apps on this list, Scapple's interface is relatively simple. But that simplicity also gives you the ultimate flexibility in terms of what goes where and how things should look. Unless you're in the same physical location, real-time collaboration isn't possible, but you can save your files to your cloud storage, so remote team members can access and edit the files.

In a world of curves and circles, SmartDraw stands out as a linear mind mapping solution. Sub-ideas begin either on the left or right of the central node, and each subsequent sub-idea continues in that same direction. The benefit of this layout is that the entire mind map resizes automatically to fit your growing ides, and you never have to worry about one idea infringing on another's space.

What Makes for Great Mind Mapping Software?

And, while the finished result might look more like an organized flowchart, it still follows the free ideation format of the mind map. The benefit of a linear layout like this isn't limited to personality types who prefer straight lines and organization.


Rather, it allows your brain the freedom to create a mind map with the usual process, then shift gears to examine the logic of how each idea connects with each other. Stormboard puts a twist on traditional mind mapping by using sticky notes, rather than nodes and branches, to record your ideas. You'll group your notes on different parts of the screen to represent connections during the initial mind map creation, then add the visual correlations with lines afterward. There's even a "rapid-fire" mode that will pop up a new sticky note the minute you post the one prior, so you can literally type out your ideas one after another with no extra effort—and save the organization for later.

Stormboard also makes it easy to get your entire team involved in the process, since collaborators can record comments, create tasks, and add their votes to each idea. Plus, you can automate the process with Stormboard's Zapier Integrations , creating ideas and storms automatically whenever trigger events happen in the other apps you use most.

SimpleMind offers a full toolbar of options, so you aren't left guessing what features are included, and a variety of layout options horizontal, vertical, or the traditional freeform mind map style , so you can control the look and feel of your brainstorming session. If you're using SimpleMind on your mobile device, you can add voice and video memos to your mind map, which makes it much easier to record a one-off addition to your mind map on the go. Just remember that if you want to access the same mind map across multiple devices, you'll need to save the map on the cloud, rather than locally.

This can save an hour or more of manual work every time you want to mind map the ideas within a book or article. Once the mind map is created, you then have the freedom to edit and alter it as needed. SimpleMind Pricing : Free version offers limited functionality. Paid apps include additional features like adding photos and file sharing. LucidChart is primarily known as a flowchart app. It includes all the elements you need to create a mind map, but also allows you to rework and refine your ideas into an organized, detailed flowchart.

The mind map creation itself is simple: Drag and drop shapes onto the canvas to represent each idea and sub-idea in your mind map. Then, create visual connections by clicking and dragging lines between related ideas. Once you've created your basic mind map, you can turn to LucidChart's other features to flesh out your ideas and fine-tune the connections between them.

For example, you might decide to bring in some data and automate the next steps of your project, whether that means generating a UML sequence diagram, importing CSV files, or linking objects in your diagram to data that exists in Google Sheets. In short: When you need to turn your mind map into something more technically concrete, LucidChart gives you the tools you need to make it happen. Mind mapping is a personal experience. How your brain works will determine which app is best for you.

Are you usually at your desk while brainstorming, or do your best ideas come when you're on the road? Do you think linearly, or do your ideas come out in a random order?

How to Make a Concept Map

Do you tend to brainstorm with your team or on your own? Think through all these questions, and take advantage of the free trial on all of these apps before selecting your winner. FreeMind files sometimes don't work. Used to offer their NOT-free products. Built-in Gantt view.

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Newer versions become heavyweight and bloated. A wide variety of templates available. Very good performance. Local Network Sharing. Free and open source.

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Audio recording pro. Task management pro.

Organize Ideas with MindNode, the Best Mind Mapping App for Mac and iOS

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Once you have added all of your nodes and connections to your mind map, it may not look very neat. Creating a mind map is an iterative process and it is very easy to look at your final creation and be a little sad about how it looks. Fortunately MindNode makes it extremely easy to rearrange nodes. All of your nodes should now be on the right side of the main parent node. To undo use the undo keyboard shortcut Command-Z. Sometimes your mind map may seem unbalanced, with more nodes on one side than the other.

To balance the nodes on each side of the main node:. The node will now be completely detached from any other node.

You can size total area of your mind map to fit the content of your mind map. To use the size to fit content functionality:. You should notice your mind map content change a little. If you are using the task functionality, you may want to sort those tasks by their state i.

The tasks will now be sorted by task state with the unchecked tasks appear first. While MindNode offers a bunch of ways to move your nodes around, you will likely need to move some around manually as well. Repeat as necessary to get the mind map to look the way you want. Each person wants their mind map to look a different way: different colors, tones, etc.